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Roulette System Introduction

Here you will find information about our Routrack Roulette Tracking Software and how to use it. If you understand the game of roulette and how to use Routrack, you can beat the online casinos. Routrack will let you know when, where and how much to bet. Beat the casinos by using Routrack. Routrack works with any online casino. Players from the USA, Canada and the UK can play at this online casino.

Most likely, you came to our website because you want to increase your chances of winning at roulette and beat online casinos by playing your favorite game roulette. Of course you want your chances to increase and win big. That's where Routrack comes in and helps you keep track of your roulette game, and it calculates the best odds for you. There is more software online which claims that it does the same thing. Sometimes they are called "Roulette Systems".

You might have bought similar software like ours, or a roulette system. You tried it yourself and then it turned out not to work after all. Well, this is different. we will prove to you that our software works before you purchase a license and that you can beat the casinos. How? We will let you play with our Free Trial Version of Routrack 2.0, click here to download for free, and we will show you a practice example and a demonstrattion video of Routrack used at an online casino. Routrack Trial Version 2.0 is limited to 150 spins, so use your spins wisely. We suggest that you use around 50 spins to play with the software and get familiar with it. Once you get familiar with the software, you can use the remaining 100 spins for our practice example, to prove that Routrack really does work. Click here to find out "How to use Routrack"

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Roulette Table


Watch this 5 minute demonstration video by clicking on the play button of the video on the left. Watch it fullscreen by clicking on the button on the bottom right corner of the video. This 5 minute demonstration video will show you how effective Routrack can be while using it at an online casino.

This is just an example of how Routrack 2.0 works playing at an online casino. Your individual results may vary. Check the start balance and the balance after only 5 minutes of playing.

We used the same system as explained in the practice example. The only difference is that we set the Green On value to 7 and doubled the bets.

Roulette System manual

For a detailed description and screenshots of the software read the Routrack manual, click here. The program keeps track of how often a certain SET of numbers did NOT get a hit. It will also calculate the highest counts and ratios for a SET of numbers. Routrack will then tell you when and where to bet. How much to bet is explained in the practice example. More examples and roulette systems will be available for you after purchasing a license key.

Download Routrack 2.0 and get a free Trial version.

It is fully functional, except that it only allows 150 spins. No saving or printing is possible, and the FAQ, Manual, and More systems buttons in the help section are disabled.

Roulette System screenshot

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